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London Dungeon Overview

Book London Dungeon tickets for a scary yet fun-filled experience in the city. Complete with 360-degree sets, extreme theatrics and gripping stories, you are in for a wild night with your visit to the London Dungeon. Considered amongst the most unique interactive experiences in London, this place is definitely not for the faint-hearted, as it transports you back to 1,000 years, and lets you go on a journey to its dangerous and scary past. As you avail your own London Dungeon tickets, you will get a chance to see the dark history of London unfold right in front of your eyes.

During the tour, you will be guided by professional actors, who will take you through the eerily empty streets of East London, plague-ridden houses as well as torture chamber, among other places. And as you descend into the dangerous dungeon, you will also come across adrenaline-filled rides, or come across infamous personalities and figures from the past, from Jack the Ripper and Anne Boleyn to Sweeney Todd and more. The London Dungeon is unlike any place you will visit in London, and is sure to give you an experience that you shall remember for years to come.

Why To Book London Dungeon Tickets?

The best way to book your London Dungeon tickets is to get it online. Being amongst the most popular tourist attractions in London, this theme park attracts a lot of visitors. Therefore, it is best to book the London Dungeon tickets beforehand. By doing so, you can ensure that your entry to the park is confirmed on a date of your time. Additionally, pre booking the London Dungeon tickets also helps you avoid the long waiting queues during your visit, in addition to offering you exciting deals and discounts.

  • Get the London Dungeon tickets and indulge in a 110-minute-long spine-chilling tour of the most unique theme park in London
  • Awaken your adrenaline as you hop aboard exhilarating rides like the Tyrant Boat ride and others
  • Witness 19 unique interactive shows at the London Dungeon, performed by 20 live actors, and showcasing over 1,000 years of London’s dark and tragic history- Get transported back in time, as you come across a real-life dungeon, complete with 360-degree sets, which are sure to give chills to your spine
  • See the plague-ravaged East London streets, empty houses from the past as well as torture chamber during your tour
  • Indulge in a meet and greet with infamous London characters from the past, including Jack the Ripper, Anne Boleyn, Sweeney Todd and more with your London Dungeon tickets

Top Shows At The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon tickets includes a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the city’s past. Offering 19 interactive shows as well as 2 rides, with the London Dungeon tickets, you can enjoy exceptional stages and special effects here. All the shows here are guided by professional actors, and are based on the real history of London, with sinister characters such as Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper.

Drop Dead: Drop Ride

A vertical free fall drop ride that takes you to the year Newgate Gallows all the way in 1783, is what this thrilling ride is. Putting an end to your journey in the dungeons, the Drop Dead: Drop Ride lets you experience, for the first time ever, what a “long drop” really is. In the ride, visitors are being executed the traditional way, where they fall down into darkness after being “put down.” With actors cheering as crowds, the ride goes faster and faster, almost as if it is defying gravity, thereby giving you a sick feeling in the stomach. Not long after, you get to hear the sounds of a cracking neck, signifying that your journey has come to an end.

The Tyrant Boat Ride

Another one of the scary experiences that you can have at the London Dungeons is at The Tyrant Boat Ride, which exudes the ambience of the year 1536. It is in this ride that you will get a chance to experience first-hand the anger and rage of Henry VIII. Visitors are made to act as traitors of Anne Boleyn, and then sentenced to death. While the enactment of the scene by the actors makes it real, the boat ride in itself is an entirely thrilling adventure, where you might even get splashed with water, thereby making you see how cold the waters of the Thames is.

The Descent

Taking you all the way back to the early 1500s, The Descent is one of the scariest and most heart-pumping rides at the London Dungeon. In this, you begin with a ride in an ancient lift, which takes you to the shores of the Thames River. A lift jester will be there to accompany you on your journey, and will tell you all about the 1,000 years of horrible history that London has gone through. The ride in the lift is a free fall ride, which not only gives you a glimpse into the dark side of London, but also surprisingly gives off an terrifying feeling as well as smell from those times. From listening to the pulling of rusty chains, to loud noises, The Descent has it all.

Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot

Amongst the most popular interactive shows at The London Dungeons, Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot takes you back to the year 1605, when a plan was made to blow up the parliament. Adding to this, the infamous Guy Fawkes was made to live inside a rat-infested tunnel for a period of 10 days. In this story, you will have to pass through a replicated rat-infested tunnel, complete with gunpowder explosives in certain places all throughout. Right from the dirty smell of the sewage, a feeling of rats passing in between your feet, and more, this experience is sure to make you feel uneasy, at the very least. You can also learn a lot about what may have happened to Guy Fawkes in those 10 days while you are down here.

Curse of the Witch

Amongst the newer shows at the London Dungeons, the Curse of the Witch lets you explore the witch trials from the 1620s. In this show, visitors are taken to the depths of the Newgate Prison, where they can see Elizabeth Sawyer, known as the witch of Edmonton, waiting to be executed. Offering you a 360-degree feel and experience, complete with the tensed ambience, the shouting, and more, this show is definitely not for those who have anxiety. From seeing her confession to learning how her neighbours convicted her upon seeing someone get sick and eventually die just a week after arguing with her, this show has it all. The Curse of the Witch will surely show you the true meaning of fear.

Jack The Ripper

With your London Dungeon tickets, you can now get a chance to meet Jack the Ripper. The setting is an 1889 pub, called the Ten Ball Pubs, where you will be taken to, just like all of this infamous character’s victims. You can also listen to the stories of Jack the Ripper by Mrs. Waldren, the landlady of the pub. As you sip on your pint of beer, listen to all the gory details of how this character killed his victims, how people feared him and so on, until the lanterns inside the pub go out, thereby offering you a chance to come face to face with one of East London’s most feared serial killers.

Why Visit London Dungeon?

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  • The London Dungeon tickets offers visitors a one-of-a-kind unique experience via a walk through some of the darkest eras of the city
  • Here you can not only learn about the violent and horrifying history of London from almost 1,000 years ago, but also see dungeons, special effects, and some of the most exceptional stages that recreate its dark past
  • Right from experiencing the feeling of walking through rat-infested tunnels, to getting the terrible smell of sewages, getting splashed by the waters of the Thames as you are executed (not literally) and see the plague-ridden houses, the London Dungeon has it all
  • Besides learning about the history and legends of London, you can also get an up close and personal meeting with sinister and infamous characters from the times gone by, including Henry VIII, Jack the Ripper, Anne Boleyn and more
  • By booking London Dungeon tickets you can also learn about the Great Fire of 1666, watch the witch trials from the 1500s, and even indulge in an entertaining 18th century trial here, which also includes a mad judge

Know Before You Book London Dungeon Tickets

How To Reach
Best Time To Visit
Safety Measures
  • By Car/ Taxi Cab: You can easily avail a rental taxi or rent a private car to get to the London Dungeon, which is located on Westminster Bridge Road. From the London City Centre, it will typically take around 20 to 30 minutes to reach this intriguing theme park.
  • By Train: You can also board a train from Stop M, or the Whitehall Trafalgar Square to Stop E, which is the County Hall or St. Thomas’ Hospital Stop. Upon reaching, you can take a walk for around 5 to 10 minutes before reaching the London Dungeon.
  • By Bus: You can also avail regular buses that ply between New Oxford Street and Waterloo to get to the London Dungeon. Bus numbers 211, 77, 381 and RV1 stop at this theme park.

Tips To Visit London Dungeon

  • Expecting mothers, visitors with anxiety, claustrophobia, and those who get scared very easily are recommended to avoid indulging in all the shows and rides at the London Dungeon, since they can be very scary to some
  • While visitors of all ages are allowed to visit the London Dungeons, children below 12 should always be accompanied by a parent or guardian and not left alone here
  • Some rides, such as the Tyrant Boat Ride have a height restriction of 1 metre. Therefore, children below this height aren’t allowed on this ride alone, and must be accompanied by a parent
  • It is recommended not to carry large bags or suitcases, along with cameras, tripods, etc. while visiting the London Dungeons since these are prohibited articles
  • Since this is mostly a walking tour, visitors are advised to bring as less belongings with them as possible, to ensure that they do not get tired easily

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