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About Tyrant Boat Ride

The capital city of London is known for its glorious and proud history but only few are aware of the tyrannous past it has. Once the city was ruled by most despotic rulers in history who would try to shut all their critics by hanging them to death. Therefore, through this journey all the visitors are brought into the world of one such despotic ruler named Henry VIII. Visitors here would a thrilling adventure into the past only to become accomplices of the ‘amusing characters of the ‘bad old days’ who would oppose the king and later announced capital punishment by him.

Along with them you would be announced death punishment as well. It's so because by taking this journey you're helping the convicts of the king. Your plan to visit London Dungeon will include different attractions but gliding through the calm water on the boat will be the highlight of your journey. As soon as you descend off the mediaeval lift, the boat is awaiting you in the River Thames to whisk you into one of several scarier and darker adventures you must have been through. The tyrant boat ride London Dungeon would help you escape the dreary fate of capital punishment announced by the Jester.

You can head towards the Tower of London on your boat, where other accomplices might help you in tricking the soldiers coming to get you for hanging you. Even if you somehow escape the wrath of King Henry VIII, the routes filled with intense darkness, turbulent waters, scampering rats and foul stench of sewage won’t let you getaway without a 360 degree feel of an unlikely journey.

Ride Restrictions

  • The rides won’t be comfortable for the guests who require an aid to walk or those who can not use stairs.Therefore, the managerial authorities won’t permit their entry over the rides.
  • The height restriction applied on guests is that of 1 metres and all falling under this category must be accompanied by their parents/guardians.
  • All the venturesome guests with a height of 1.2 metres can show their rebellious spirit by joining with the conspirators on a tyrant boat ride in London dungeon without any supervision.
  • Take note that all the guests who might be complaining of back and neck pain, and broken limbs aren’t allowed to participate in the ride.
  • Pregnant guests are held suitable for a ride over turbulent waters either.
  • Guests with medical complications and have chances of acquiring an injury while riding would be prohibited from joining others on the tyrant boat ride.
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Other Top Rides In London Dungeon

If you have got the impression that a tyrant boat ride in London dungeon is the only attraction awaiting you, you’re wrong then. For, numerous other rides and adventures like The Descent, Tower Warden are enough to stun you. One may also reach Mrs Waldren at the Pub who will tell you that Jack the Ripper is still awaiting his chance to strike at the city again.

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The Descent

It might seem that a tyrant boat ride in London dungeon is an easy task but it’s not for there are challenges added on to your journey towards the boat. The first of the various challenges awaiting you to add the spice of adventure in the journey is ‘The Descent’. A normal descent it would not be down the staircase, aren’t you already told it would not be an usual old-fashioned boat ride at London dungeon. A mediaeval lift has been put up to take all the visitors in an adventurous style downwards, but it isn't not guaranteed that other explorations are waiting for you in the dungeon. Be careful of the winches and don’t be scared of the grindings of cogs and chains but believe your security is fully ensured.

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Tower Warden

After you’ve landed on the shore descending the mediaeval lift get ready for an adventurous journey at the Tyrant boat ride in London Dungeon, which will lead to the Tower of London. At the Tower Warden nature of your crime would be declared and the punishment for treason for sure would be execution, here would begin your adventure of saving yourself from this cruel fate. If you’re left wondering what has invited the wrath and fury of Henry VIII on you? It’s so because by taking a tyrant boat ride you’ve joined Anne Boleyn and her accomplices who have challenged the power of the king. Anne Boleyn would lead your way out of this punishment, though surviving Henry VIII’s touture won’t be as easy as surviving the spiteful experience in the choppy waters but you must trust her wits.

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Drop Dead: Drop Down

There is a lot waiting to be explored inside the dungeon and it all begins with a Tyrant boat ride in London Dungeon. It seems your leader Anne Boleyn couldn’t come up with a plan and now you’re heading towards the Newgate Gallows. At the Gallows, the despotic ruler has decided to execute all the treasoners publicly, doesn’t it sound like a mediveal age humanitarian punishment method? The executioner is preparing a whole lot of big deal out of it as he’s supposed to make the show of your execution a great deal, isn’t he supposed to please the tyrant ruler and his cynical town. Trust your wits and you must figure out some plan to escape this public execution.

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Jack The Ripper

If your plan of escaping the infamous execution at Newgate Gallows, pat yourself on this rare feat. Only a few after Jack the Ripper have been successful in duping the executioner at the Gallows. If the mysterious Jack has caught your curiosity, why not visit the Ten Bells Pub on a stormy night and order yourself a glass a pint and listen to more of his stories. Mrs Waldren, the landlady would open up the cards of this mysterious settler of the city whose terror still fills it with a fright. She would tell the horrific stories of how he had unleashed on the Pub once upon a time and striked everyone down. Further, she would disclose that on a stormy day he has vouched for returning to the Dungeon to complete his revenge, but nobody is sure about the dates when he might recreate the horror of the last time. The day of your adventure at the Dungeon can be the date of his returning as well, outside the storm has taken a pause, finish your drink and flight off the Pub before lanterns go out.

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Curse of the Witch

During the 16th and 17th century, the women of London were facing the wrath of discriminatory, in humanitarian practice of witch trial. The cruel patriarchal practice was considered like a ritual and nobody dared to raise the matter to the king to put a stop on it. And now, while you’re locked in the mighty jail of Newsgate you’d find the infamous ladies called witches being treated inhumane inside their cell. When you pass through the lanes of the jail you’d see a lady with a broken and meek body laying on the floor helplessly groaning of the pain inflicted on her, she is Elizabeth Sawyer, the Witch of Edmonton. She has been accused of talking with a devil and convincing it to murder her own neighbours. Her mouth has been sealed and she is being treated with discrimination, it seems the law system of London back then didn’t believe in the principle of treating even the convicts with the basic humane dignity.

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Conspirators walk

In the final show at the London Dungeon, get ready for the execution of a big plot against the King. Take a final walk down the alley with your fellow conspirators to begin the Gun Powder plot. It seems like the problem is that someone amongst the traitors has leaked the information, therefore you’ve to be very careful while executing the plan. Every step that you take henceforth has to be very careful. Well, the plan is that all the accomplices will give cover to the servant who wants to rock the foundations of this country by attacking King James and his government.

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London Dungeon FAQs

What is the best time to visit London Dungeon?

The Dungeon is operational between 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM, therefore the best time to jump in on your adventure on a tyrant boat ride, London Dungeon, is in the early morning hours. Then, all the accomplices would have sufficient time to plan their adventures in the Dungeon, don’t hurry over any of the rides and thus spend proper time on execution of the plan of toppling the dictatorial government.

Where is London Dungeon located?

The location of the London Dungeon is The Queen's Walk, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom.

What is the minimum age required to book London Dungeon Tickets?

People of all ages are allowed to take a tyrant boat ride in London dungeon, children of 0-2 years are admitted without any charges. For the guests falling in the age group of 3-15 years old have to book a child ticket to get an entry. All the visitors above the age of 16 years would require to get an adult ticket.

Do we have to book in advance for London Dungeon Tickets?

Yes, all the aspiring visitors are requested to pre-book their adventure of tyrant boat ride London Dungeon tickets. They can book their visit online with us, we will ensure a highly convenient booking by providing a range of payment options. Along with an easier and quicker method of payment, visitors can also make their journey affordable by redeeming various discount coupons made available to them.

What are the operating hours of London Dungeon?

The adventures at London Dungeon are operative between 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM. Book your tickets and slot as per your convenience and embark your journey of rebellion against a despotic ruler of mediaeval times as you take your seat in the tyrant boat ride London Dungeon.

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