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About Drop Dead Drop Ride

One of the most popular rides at the London Dungeon is the Drop Dead Drop ride, an exhilarating vertical free-fall ride that marks the end of the ninety minute tour. With a height of 10 metres, the ride plunges you through three storeys of the London Dungeon as you hold on for dear life. With a scare score of 5, which is the maximum for London Dungeon shows, the Drop-Dead Drop is not for the faint-hearted and is an optional ride.

A recreation of the Long Drop that was first installed outside the Newgate Prison in 1783, the ride lasts for approximately one minute. Also, you will get a picture clicked as you take the mind-numbing ride, to safely keep the thrilling memories of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you are are someone who is into grisly stories or black comedy then this place will surely give you that vibe. London’s terrifying past comes to life at the London Dungeon, which is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the UK capital city.

After you book London Dungeon tickets, you will have an extraordinary experience that brings to some of the most spine-chilling events of London’s 1000-year-old past. The attractions inside are one-of-a-kind combination of horrifying sets, live actors, state-of-the-art special effects, and hair-raising rides.

Ride Restrictions

London Dungeon
  • One has to have a minimum height of 1.4 metres for taking part in the Drop Dead Drop Ride show in London Dungeon.
  • Visitors participating should have the ability to sit upright and brace themselves against the ride force on the London Dungeon Drop Dead Drop Ride show.
  • The ride is unsuitable for guests who have pacemakers or other heart complaints, are pregnant, have back or neck complaints or broken limbs, or have photosensitive epilepsy.
  • It is not suitable for visitors with any health condition that may cause one injury or complications to hop on the London Dungeon Drop Dead Drop Ride show.
  • The ride is also inaccessible for guests who cannot use stairs or are unable to walk unaided.
  • For guests who use wheelchairs, they must be able to transfer unaided into and out of the seats of the Drop Dead Drop Ride show in London Dungeon.
  • Guests at the Drop Dead Drop Ride show in London Dungeon who have larger body proportions and do not fit within the ride restraints would not be allowed to hop on the ride. One would be asked to leave in case the lap bar does not come down to a certain level for their safety.
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Other Top Rides In London Dungeon

Before you head for a mind-numbing experience at the Drop Dead Drop Ride show in London Dungeon, take a walk down the dark lanes of London’s medieval history. Witness spine-chilling recreations of infamous historical events, like the public execution of a fallen Queen or a failed attempt of bombing the British Parliament.

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London Dungeon
The Descent

Experience the thrills of a trip on a medieval lift as you explore before the Drop Dead Drop Ride show in London Dungeon. Hop on The Descent and join the Lift Jester, the cheerful resident who would narrate thousands of years of horrible history as you descend down the Dungeon. With a scary score of 2, the lift tumbles down as you hear the cogs and chains grind and the winches strain in this old-world lift. Enjoy this scary short trip as the Jester scares and picks on you, while discovering the one in your group with a criminal nose. Hop off safely at the river docks of Thames after a memorable lift ride.

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London Dungeon
The Tyrant Boat Ride

You have been condemned to death by the Jester for conspiring with Anne Boleyn, and are joined by other traitors on her final journey at The Tyrant Boat Ride. Ride through the dark turbulent waters of the Thames to the Tower of London and witness the fury of Henry VIII as you approach the Traitors’ Gate. Relive the iconic execution, which has a scary score of 5, before the Drop Dead Drop Ride show in London Dungeon. The ride is inaccessible for guests who are unable to walk unaided or cannot climb stairs, have back or neck complaints or broken limbs, are pregnant, or have a health condition that can worsen on the ride.

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London Dungeon
Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot

Join the infamous Guy Fawkes on his explosive plot of blowing up the British Parliament before you head to London Dungeon Drop Dead Drop Ride show. The Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot takes you into a rat-infested tunnel on an adventure where you can see, smell, hear, and feel what it would have been like if Guy Fawkes had been successful. With a scare score of 2, this show takes you back in time to experience an iconic failed attempt at overthrowing the British monarch and what happened after that to its conspirators. Witness the chilling torture that the conspiracy plotters faced before their execution in this thrilling show.

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London Dungeon
Curse Of The Witch

Discover the meaning of fear as you witness the horrors of the 1621 Witch Trials at Curse of the Witch. Before your London Dungeon Drop Dead Drop Ride show, walk inside the Newgate Prison where Elizabeth Sawyer, the Witch of Edmonton, awaits her execution. With a scare score of 5, the show is one of the creepiest at the London Dungeon where you get to experience how loud thunder can really get. Convicted of conversing with the Devil, the subdued witch has a dark side lurking within her that promises jump scares like no other. Experience the rage of James I and the horrors of being around a witch as you walk into this thrilling show.

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London Dungeon
Tower Warden

Your death sentence for conspiring with Anne Boleyn against Henry VIII awaits at the hands of the Tower Warden. Head here before your London Dungeon Drop Dead Drop Ride show to find out what kind of traitor you are and how you will be executed. The Tower of London was witness to quite a few of the 72,000 victims of Henry VIII, and this recreation of the 1536 Anne Boleyn trial brings the horrid experience to life. Hear your fate being read out by the Tower Warden and discover if your head is perfect for being chopped off or if you are the unlucky one who will get boiled.

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London Dungeon
The Torture Chamber

Another show which is as famous as Drop Dead Drop Ride show in London Dungeon is the Torture Chamber. The Torturer, who is the master of the dreaded Chamber, awaits volunteers on whom he could use his infamous tools. Witness the uses of the Pear of Anguish and the Chappy Chopper as this practical-minded craftsman demonstrates his art. This show has a scary score of 3 and is a recreation of the Tower of London of 1605. The Torture Chamber promises to delight and repulse you in equal measure as you learn some spine-chilling tricks from the Torturer.

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What are the operating hours of the London Dungeon?

The operating hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM, which is subject to changes. The London Dungeon is open on all days of the week and public holidays except Christmas. It is recommended you confirm the timings when you pre-book your tickets and time slots before your visit.

What makes London Dungeon so popular?

The London Dungeon brings together thrills and knowledge as it recreates some of the most spine-chilling events of London’s 1000 years of history. The city’s most infamous residents, from Anne Boleyn to Guy Fawkes, come alive in this interactive tourist experience. The London Dungeon takes the haunted house experience to a superior level with its hair-raising rides, live actors, and state-of-the-art special effects.

What is the best time to visit London Dungeon?

The best time to visit the London Dungeon is in the early mornings. The crowds in the early hours are less, so you won’t have to wait in long queues to explore your chosen attractions.

Where is London Dungeon located?

The London Dungeon is located at County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, South Bank, London, SE1, United Kingdom.

Do we have to book in advance for the London Dungeon tickets?

In order to hop on the numerous rides of the London Dungeon, it is essential that you pre-book your tickets. By booking your tickets in advance, you can visit when you want and be assured that your entry is reserved. Enjoy a stress-free and fun experience at the London Dungeon as you choose a time slot as per your convenience when you pre-book your tickets.

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